Rules and conditions
Seal Village Allotments  2021-2022
Established 30th September 1925


John Milligan

David Winstanley

Carol McCall

Penny Garrett

The 3.5 acres purchased from the Percy Harvey Estate Co. Ltd shall continue to be called ‘The Seal Village Allotments'  from this date of revision.

Any alteration to these Rules and Conditions may only be enacted with the joint approval of The Trustees of the Seal Village Allotments Trust.



1. The holders of the allotments (described herein as ‘Tenants’) are to be drawn by preference from the residents of Seal but, at the discretion of The Trustees, can also be drawn from the immediate surrounding area as vacancies allow.

2. The Tenants shall elect annually a Management Committee of up to five from their number together with a Secretary. This shall be done at the Annual Meeting.

3. The Management Committee shall be responsible absolutely to The Trustees for the collection of rent and control of plots.

4. The rent will be fixed annually by The Trustees and paid in full annually on or before the 31st October. In the event of non-payment by this date, the plot concerned will be deemed vacant.

5. The accounts of the Management Committee must always be available to the Trustees and the annual accounts be presented to them for their formal approval. They, the Management Committee and the Trustees, will meet at least once annually.

6. The Management Committee must keep a dated ‘Application for Plots’ list on which applicants names and full contact details are kept chronologically and from which if approved, plots are allocated when available. A full list of plots with current Tenants has also to be kept up to date.

7. Only the named Tenant may renew their annual tenancy.

It is not permitted to sub- let any plot or part thereof or pass on tenancy to any other person. Only the Management Committee or Trustees can allocate plots.

8. Tenants may vacate their plots at any time but must inform the Management Committee immediately. In certain circumstances the Management Committee may require a plot for alternative use but will give any Tenant so affected suitable notice. In the event of a serious incident or breach of the rules by a Tenant , including any pilfering from other Tenants, the Management Committee will require them to vacate their plot immediately.

In all cases no refund of subscription will be made.

9. Any dispute or important issue is to be dealt with by the Management Committee. If unresolved any such matter will be referred by the Management Committee to the Trustees, whose decision will be final and binding.

10. By accepting a tenancy, Tenants agree to abide by all The Rules.


11. The allotments are provided for the enjoyment of all tenants. No Tenant may cause, either by design or neglect, anything that is, or becomes, a nuisance to others.

12. Tenants shall keep in good repair every path and road bordering their plot and keep all grass and hedges cut and trimmed. Paths may not be obstructed in any way. Roads may not be obstructed either by cars or manure.

13. All of a plot must be worked, regularly weeded and kept in good condition. The dumping of waste or debris anywhere on the site is strictly forbidden. Any Tenant found to be responsible for dumping refuse or plot spoil anywhere on the SVA site will be required to move it to their own plot or face expulsion.

14. Any dog brought to an allotment by a Tenant must remain on a lead at all times and not cause nuisance to other tenants.

15. Any child visiting the allotments must remain with a responsible adult at all times.

16. Water using watering cans from tanks is provided in season. Tenants must take care to keep tanks free from any contamination and not wash tools and vegetables in them. The tanks have safety covers which must be replaced after use. Hosepipes are not permitted.

17. The use of chemical preparations is discouraged. If they are used care must be taken by Tenants particularly with regard to neighbouring allotments and the water tanks.

18. Parking is not insured on the allotments and all vehicular access is entirely at the owner's risk. Tenants may use vehicles to move large or heavy items to or from their plots but the vehicle should be returned to the car park after so doing.

19. The planting of fruit trees (dwarf varieties only) and delivery of bulk manure must have the PRIOR approval of the Management Committee. The keeping of livestock is not permitted.

20. Any structure more than 1.5m in height (eg sheds, tunnels etc) can only be erected after obtaining PRIOR written permission from the Management Committee. Note that no structures may be more than 2.5m high. The maximum footprint of growing structures depends on their type covering.

Large mesh anti bird netting (eg fruit cages) – up to 40 sqm

Fine mesh anti insect netting/fabric (eg tunnels) – up to 30 sqm

Plastic sheeting (eg polytunnels) – up to 20 sqm

All structures and coverings should be of a subdued colour.

21. Bonfires are only allowed between November and March but Tenants must be mindful of the wind direction and avoid causing a nuisance to nearby residents. The use of vacant plots for dumping waste or setting a bonfire is forbidden unless it is carried out by a working party under the supervision of the Management Committee.