Seal Village Allotments which offer fantastic views of the North Downs, are situated in a secure and sheltered location on the Greensand Ridge in the village of Seal. This means that the soil is light and workable all year providing excellent growing conditions.


Seal Village Allotments attract plot holders from surrounding villages however priority is given to Seal residents, so please leave your address when making an enquiry on these web pages.


Please be aware that the cost of renting a plot at Seal is subsidised by the fund raising events on the site. When applying for a plot your involvement with raising funds will be required to maintain our low rental costs. If sufficient money is not raised then the cost of renting a plot may have to be considered.

Our rental costs are extremely competitive in comparison to other sites. 


There is a plentiful mains supply of water on the site and this supplies tanks throughout the length of the site and is included in the rental of the allotment (note hosepipes are not permitted).


The allotments are divided into full, half plots, quarter plots, micro plots and raised beds. The raised beds are reserved for individuals unable to manage gardening at soil level.

Annual rental costs from October 2020 

Full Plot        £42 per annum

Half Plot        £26 per annum

Quarter Plot  £18 per annum

Micro Plots   £15 per annum

Raised Beds £15 per annum

In addition new plot holders will be required to pay a one off £25 joining fee.

Rental includes water costs, site insurance and grass cutting of the main track and communal  areas.  Plot holders should note that current rentals do not fully cover the costs of running the site and are subsidised by fund raising activities. SVA rely on volunteers from our plot holders to help raise funds to maintain the low rentals.  



Allocation of our plots for the season 2021 is complete, we continue to have a small waiting list. However plots do become available throughout the year so if you are interested please contact us using the contact page on this site.  

Bulk Buying

Plot holders have access to the buying power of Seal Village Allotments, through the collective bulk buying of seeds, potatoes and sundries by our management committee. Please talk to a member of the management committee for more information.


Most of our plot holders recoup the rental of their plot from the savings made from seed bulk buying and their produce.