An allotment can be a rewarding hobby, a good way of taking exercise, making new friends and when planting begins something to look forward to everyday. There’s no denying keeping an allotment can be hard work, especially when you first take it on. This first phase may take weeks if there are a lot of weeds to clear. The tried and tested method after clearing an area of weeds is to cover the plot with a porous membrane until you are ready to plant. Green manures are another method of suppressing weeds and getting goodness into the soil. On a more positive note, the plots on Seal Village Allotments are blessed with a fine, light soil, which is easy to work.


So how much time is needed when a plot has been cleared? A full plot in the growing season could need a minimum of 6 hours per week. Consider how much time you have to commit to keeping your allotment in good shape. A half plot may suit your needs better – this size will still produce plenty of fruit and veg for you and your family.


Tasks that will need attention include mowing the paths around the plot and trimming the edges; adding organic matter to the soil and digging over the ground ready for planting; regular hoeing/weeding; planting produce; watering (which in dry weather can be quite burdensome); taking precautions to protect crops from pests; and, not least, the happy task of harvesting produce.